What’s Special About
The TAtech Fall Congress?

TAtech isn’t interested in mega-conferences with thousands of attendees and hundreds of vendors lined up in a drafty exhibit hall.

Instead, the TAtech Fall Congress offers an intimate setting for thought leadership and collaboration among job board owners and operators and executives, managers and senior professionals in the talent acquisition solutions industry.

There are no “pay-to-play” sessions masquerading as educational content or pundits recycling presentations with little or no take-home value.

What you’ll find at the TAtech Fall Congress is the opportunity to push yourself outside your comfort zone and deepen your understanding of how best to accomplish your business goals.  You’ll be able to test new ideas, reexamine old ones and explore a more fulsome set of possibilities for yourself and your business.

You won’t sit in some meeting hall, however, and get talked at all day.  Instead, you’ll be able to engage in a constructive marketplace of insights and information all of which is directly relevant to your bottom line success.  You’ll make important business connections, find new friends and interact with those who are creating the strategies and tactics of the future in the talent acquisition solutions industry.

So, what’s special about the TAtech Fall Congress?
The people who attend.
Join us