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The 2018 TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup

TAtech events are the only talent acquisition conferences
conducted by, for and about talent acquisition technology companies and their customers

Collocated with & immediately following the SHRM Talent Management Conference

The TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup isn’t your typical “sit-and-get-talked-at” conference. Instead, the two-day event totally focuses on peer2peer discussions, networking and B2B meetings.

The Spring Congress & Meetup will feature:

  • Special Interest Group Discussions for niche employment sites, general employment sites, association career centers, applicant tracking systems, recruitment advertising/marketing agencies and more;
  • A report and discussion of key findings from the:
         2018 TAtech-RealMatch Global Recruitment Advertising Survey
         2018 TAtech-reThinkData Global ATS Survey;
  • Moderated Discussions on trending industry topics;
  • The TAtech Chad & Cheese Podcast Series;
  • PLUS the opportunity to preschedule B2B partnership and business meetings and then to hold those meetings in the TAtech Deal Center.

The TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup is the one conference where:

  • You won’t have to listen to the same old “pundits” drone on.
  • Or hope you can connect with someone useful in a huge exhibit hall.

This event is specifically designed to give you the time and space to talk with your peers about the issues that will affect your organization’s success.

Who Should Attend?

  • Niche & general job boards
  • Digital media companies & publishers
  • Association career centers
  • Social media sites & career portals
  • Job search engines & aggregators
  • Recruitment advertising agencies
  • Candidate communications companies
  • SaaS & cloud-based platforms
  • Corporate TA execs & recruiters
  • Applicant tracking system companies
  • Data & analytics companies
  • Recruitment marketing companies
  • Advertising platforms & networks
  • Mobile app developers
  • Talent acquisition technology startups
  • Job board platforms
  • AI & machine learning tech companies
  • Staffing firm execs & recruiters

What Can You Get By Attending?

  • New connections
  • New business partners
  • New customers
  • New friends
  • New industry insights
  • New tech knowledge
  • New business strategies & tactics
  • New ideas for growing your organization

TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions is the trade association for the companies and organizations that design, develop and deliver technology-based recruiting products and services.  Collectively, its Members power or operate over 70,000 sites worldwide and offer solutions for every facet of talent acquisition.  For more information, click here.

TAtech Conferences are open to all talent acquisition technology companies
and the HR/TA leaders & professionals who use their products.

What are they like?

Listen to what one HR thought leader had to say.

The 2018 TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup

An intimate forum of thought leadership and collaboration
for the talent acquisition technology community

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